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Want your invoices paid on time? Go Danish

According to data collected by Intrum Justitia Europe’s average contract terms are 31 days, but in the UK are 25 days. Despite the 2013 introduction of the Late Payment Directive, a piece of EU-wide legislation designed to standardise payment terms across the continent, the credit control map of Europe is a diverse one.

Wages vs profit article

Why footballers are worth every penny

Wage bills are now so extortionate that they drive most football clubs into the red year after year. For 2011/12 only 8 of the 20 Premier League clubs turned a profit and the worst financial performer, Manchester City, lost £99 million.

Agency Workers Regulations: The Crunch perspective | Crunch

With the Agency Workers Regulations now in force in the UK, Scotland and Wales, we thought now might be a good time to add our thoughts to the cacophony of commentary currently filling the online space.

Case study - Sarah McLaughlin, graphic designer | Crunch

Despite our continued expansion, Crunch still has a core of IT, web and digital professionals that make up the majority of our clients. One such client is Sarah McLaughlin, a graphic designer from Crunch's native Brighton.

Christmas parties - what can I claim? | Crunch

It's that time of year again, office Christmas party season! Love them or hate them, the office Christmas party has become a staple of the corporate calendar - and this time of year our accountants field questions left and right on what can be claimed tax-free for a Christmas party.

Coming tomorrow: Data export and app authorisation | Crunch

We have a system update going live tonight that will bring two not particularly romantic but very useful additions to Crunch. Here's a quick rundown of what will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.

Contractor accountants and freelance accounting

Online Contractor Accounting by expert accountants only £59.50 per month. Ridiculously easy accounting for contractors. Try the free Crunch demo today!