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Jon Norris

Freelance writer in Brighton, UK

Finance, technology, data visualisation, progressive business, startups and everything in between

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Want your invoices paid on time? Go Danish

According to data collected by Intrum Justitia Europe’s average contract terms are 31 days, but in the UK are 25 days. Despite the 2013 introduction of the Late Payment Directive, a piece of EU-wide legislation designed to standardise payment terms across the continent, the credit control map of Europe is a diverse one.

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The Next Web

10 ways to pay without ever whipping out your wallet

10 ways to pay without ever whipping out your walle...

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A Woman’s Place

Gender equality is still a major issue in the technology industry, but 50 years ago one British company was blazing trails.

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.net Magazine

Money tips for freelancers

The downturn has caused freelancers to suffer at the hands of cash-strapped clients, argues Jon Norris...

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The Next Web

The Disappearing Paper: Why Cash Is A Dying Payment Method

The Disappearing Paper: Why Cash Is A Dying Payment...

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The Content Strategist

5 Golden Rules for Building an Audience in a Boring Industry

Accounting is boring as hell. I can say that because it’s the industry I’ve been working in for the last four years as a content marketer. So when I suggested the idea that an accounting firm could become the most-read small business website in the U.K...

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Laptop Magazine

Putting Tablets To Work

Whether they're in the office, commuting, or flying cross country, you can always spot the travelling office grunt...

Wages vs profit article

Why footballers are worth every penny

Wage bills are now so extortionate that they drive most football clubs into the red year after year. For 2011/12 only 8 of the 20 Premier League clubs turned a profit and the worst financial performer, Manchester City, lost £99 million.

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The Guardian

Are millennials allergic to traditional forms of social advertising ...

Are millennials allergic to traditional forms of so...

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Freelancing Matters

Jack Manningham Rides Again

The economy might well be on the mend, but that isn't to say that the self-employed are truly benefiting from the recovery just yet, writes Jon Norris.

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Real Business

Real Business - Can Klout give itself +K in relevance?

Influence measurement is seen by many as the next great untapped technological frontier. It makes sense, in a strange way. Having figured out how to analyse, quantify and optimise just about everythin...

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The Guardian

How brands are using social media to take back control | Media ...

Brands are harnessing the power of the internet to change their approach to customer service, but how are their efforts faring?

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The Guardian

How to become a successful freelance | Money | The Guardian

Outsourcing and social media mean there's never been a better time to freelance. Check our top tips to see if freelancing can work for you

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Freelance Advisor

Five freelancing tips I've learned from my dog - Freelance Advisor

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you c...

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Photo Professional Magazine

Why it's crucial to stay on top of your books

Running your own company is fantastic, isn't it? You get to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and reap the rewards of your hard work.